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about kaitlin crafton, msn np


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Kaitlin Crafton, MSN NP, is a Nurse Practitioner with double master’s degrees in nursing education and neonatal intensive care.  Her aptitude with IVs, injections, ultrasound, aseptic technique and more have been honed over 9 years of clinical experience, primarily in neonatal intensive care units, plus a prolonged direct training period with Dr. Haas.  Kaitlin’s sharp mind, boundless energy, winning smile and enthusiasm for regenerative medicine, women’s health, and biohacking, make her an invaluable member of our team.  

Kaitlin’s interest in healthcare began at the age of 4. She was inspired to become a nurse by her grandmother, who worked at a physician’s office.  Kaitlin’s grandmother was actually a secretary, but allowed her young granddaughter to believe that she was a nurse. 

Never deviating from the desire to work in healthcare, Kaitlin pursued a Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) from Oklahoma Baptist University right after high school.  During her clinical rotations, Kaitlin was innately drawn to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Once in practice, she quickly fell in love with this patient population and felt privileged and honored to serve in this capacity for several reasons.  One was the challenge of caring for these tiny patients using intuition and non-verbal cues. Another was helping families thrown into these challenging circumstances get off to the best possible start by helping mothers and fathers learn how to “parent” within the constraints of the NICU and walking them through the unusual and often stressful circumstances that accompany a NICU stay. 

Kaitlin was fortunate to begin working in the NICU as an RN right after receiving her nursing degree and continued to do so for the next 9 years.  Feeling a call to something different, Kaitlin spent some time during those 9 years pursuing other specialties including PICU, Family and Pediatric Medicine, Vascular Access and Nursing Education, but was repeatedly drawn to return to the NICU.  She enjoyed each of these specialties as well as teaching classrooms full of future nurses, however, the limitations of conventional medicine weighed on her, and she continued to think that there must be a better, different way to practice medicine.

Meanwhile her own health journey, which included the acute onset of migraine headaches, severe depression and anxiety along with a long list of other symptoms that were not relieved with conventional medicine, forced her to look outside of that system for answers. Kaitlin was introduced to alternative and naturopathic medicine which offered her lifestyle changes that provided her relief. This was her “aha” moment. She wondered what other answers existed outside the realms of conventional medicine and deepened her search. 

At this time, Kaitlin was ready to achieve her lifelong goal to become a Nurse Practitioner (NP).  She wanted to make a bigger impact than she could as an RN, and she wanted to do this in the non-conventional healing realms from which she’d experienced such powerful healing.  At that time, programs in functional and integrative medicine for nurse practitioners were not available, thus she continued her advanced education and training primarily in the NICU.  In 2018, Kaitlin completed her MSN NP program with double masters degrees in Neonatology and Nursing Education. 

Back in the NICU, now playing a role with much more stress and responsibility, Kaitlin found herself face-to-face with true burnout.  Working at a level 4 NICU and caring for the most unstable and fragile neonates, sometimes as severely impaired as being born without a skull, she felt herself facing ethical dilemmas, wondering if she was truly helping these helpless infants or prolonging suffering.  In cases like these, it appears that the advancement of medical technologies has outstripped the ability of medical ethics to keep up. Knowing that she didn’t want this to be her life’s work, she hit the computer and started searching for a place where her skills as a nurse practitioner would be appreciated, along with someone willing to teach and mentor her in a better way of medicine.  

Her searches led Kaitlin to connect with Dr. Haas.  After a few days of shadowing Dr. Haas, seeing the impact she was making in her patient’s lives and hearing first-hand testimonials from Dr. Haas’s patients, Kaitlin felt as if she had finally found the home that she had been searching looking for. 

Kaitlin’s influencers include: Dr. Korianne Haas, Jolene Brighten ND, Alisa Vitti, Frank Shallenberger MD, Dave Asprey, Robert Thompson MD, Dan Pompa DC, Jill Carnahan Md, Donna Gates M.Ed, Sonya Jensen ND, Mindy Pelz DC and Leigh Erin Connealy MD.