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Injection Therapies With Concentrated Growth Factor-Rich PRP (CGF-PRP) +/- Exosomes


Activated platelets secrete growth factors in vesicles called exosomes, which promote angiogenesis, the formation of new blood vessels.  New blood vessels increase the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the skin, scalp, connective tissues and hair follicles. Platelet-derived exosomes also activate “resident stem cells.”  These cells reside in all of your tissues and have the power to heal and regenerate, but they are generally inactive until given the proper signals. Once activated, they divide, proliferate, regenerate tissues, assist with healing, secrete collagen, and more!

How Does CGF-PRP Differ From Regular PRP?

CGF-PRP is the next generation in PRP therapy.  It contains significantly more of “the good stuff” including platelet derived growth factor (PDGF)-containing exosomes AND CD34+ stem cells than PRP derived from traditional methods.  Extracting CGF-PRP from your blood requires a specialized technique using a state-of-the-art centrifuge that spins the blood using a specific, research-driven protocol. Watch a short video about CGF-PRP

We consider Kimera exosomes to be the next generation in stem cell therapies: safer, more effective AND more affordable (compared to FDA-compliant frozen/thawed umbilical stem cells)!  Kimera exosomes come from young (umbilical cord) MSC stem cells which have massive regenerative power.  Because they are designed by nature to reduce inflammation and stimulate the growth and development of a fetus in utero, they have a wider variety of anti-inflammatory and pro-regenerative growth factors and are more potent/concentrated than the exosomes secreted by your platelets.  Anyone would benefit from adding exosomes, but if you are over 65, have chronic disease, obesity, diabetes, chronic inflammation, have been exposed to a lot of toxins, stress, medications and/or a poor diet, your body might need the extra help that exosomes provide to get the results you are looking for. 


Call or email us to request our exosomes handout, check out Dr. Frank Shallenberger's second opinion newsletter,  July 2019 Stem Cell issue and/or see our Exosomes page for more information.



Detoxify for a few weeks prior to your first treatment, if possible, focusing on organic whole-food nutrition, avoiding gluten, conventional meat, artificial sweeteners and GMOs and minimizing sugar, processed foods, red meat and alcohol. 


Do a few rounds of MAH or HOT* during those weeks if you haven’t already, to prime your body and get your cells and mitochondria “firing on all cylinders.”


During the 24 hours prior to your treatment, eat light, healthy foods. 


Exercise, hydrate with fresh clean water and trace minerals, use a far-infrared or other DRY sauna, and/or do 10 minutes of whole body vibrational therapy.


Meditate, focusing on concentrating your body’s healing energy in your blood/platelets (OK, I made this one up, but we know how powerful the mind can be!) 


Starting a few days after your treatment, stimulate your face and/or scalp for at least 30 seconds per day using massage, dry brushing and/or rolling with a 0.25mm microneedle roller (dermaroller). 


Continue focusing on organic whole-food nutrition, avoiding gluten, conventional meat, artificial sweeteners and GMOs and minimizing sugar, processed foods, red meat and alcohol. 


You can boost your results by using medical technology such as JOOV red light/infrared therapy, NanoVi and/or Avacen 100 (you can purchase a punch card to use these in our office or purchase your own devices for home use, see our list of services for more information). 


How many treatments should I plan for?


Most people are pleased with their results after 4 treatments, spaced 3-4 weeks apart if not adding exosomes.  When adding exosomes, you may want to wait up to 3 months between treatments to see the full benefit (some patients notice continued improvement for up to 1 year after and CGF + exosome treatment), or you can space them closer together if you want faster results.  After achieving the results you desire, you may opt for a maintenance or touch-up treatment every 6 to 12 months.

I had facial and/or scalp PRP therapies before and the results were disappointing (or I know someone who had treatments that didn't work).  Could we still benefit?

Results are never guaranteed, but we do everything we can to set you up for success.  Tissue regeneration depends upon many factors.  Factors that the doctor can control are: 1. using the best quality CGF, properly activated with ozone and calcium (as opposed to traditional PRP) 2. including nutrients that promote regeneration and 3. using the most effective injection techniques.  Some practitioners simply slather the PRP on your face or scalp and use a machine that makes tiny holes in the skin.  That's unfortunate because most of the PRP doesn't actually get deep enough into the tissues to have the desired effect.  A much better technique is actually injecting the CGF-PRP solution using tiny needles, which is the technique we use.  Dr. Haas has trained with several experts from around the world who specialize in natural aesthetic injection therapies.  She was most influenced by Dr. Bridghid McMonagle, who is well-known throughout the functional medicine and ozone communities for her expertise in aesthetic injection techniques.  Factors that the patient can control include detox, diet and health optimization before and after the injections (see what can I do to optimize my treatments above), and opting to add exosomes.


Are there any side-effects?

Mild to moderate bruising and/or pain/soreness in the areas treated may occur in the hours or even days following each treatment.  If present, these effects are generally mild. As with any injection therapy, there is always a risk of infection or a more serious complication, but anything other than bruising and pain/soreness is extremely rare.

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