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Hemealumen UVBI and Photon Therapy



Our patients, doctor and staff are raving about the hemealumen, which seems to multiply the already profound benefits of our IV Oxygen Healing Therapies while providing a noticeable energy boost.  The hemealumen is used in-line with your hyperbaric or gravity major autohemotherapy treatment, which means you get a host of benefits with no additional time or effort on your part.  Like ozone, the focused photonic (light) energy from the hemealumen increases cellular energy production, improves blood circulation, improves antioxidant production, activates the body’s own healing mechanisms and much more.  It also has unique benefits which make it a powerful tool to combat specific conditions including acute and chronic infections and cancer. 

When you add the hemealumen to major autohemotherapy, your blood passes through a 30 inch quartz glass cuvette which docks into this futuristic device.  Utilizing 2 different ultraviolet wavelengths as well as very specific, powerful and focused rays of red, blue, amber and green light, the hemealumen boasts unique benefits including deactivating pathogenic DNA from viruses and other invaders thus stimulating your body to mount an appropriate immune response, deactivating nagalase (an immune suppressing protein found to be elevated in chronic viral infections and cancers), and stimulating your body to produce hormones like vitamin D and neurotransmitters including serotonin and melatonin. 

You may have previously received UVBI treatments.  The inventor of the hemealumen, Eugene Barnett, considers regular UVBI devices, including his earliest iterations of the hemelumen, to be “toys,” because with those you only get 1 wavelength of UV light, the power generated is suboptimal and the rays are not precisely focused on the blood column.  Hemealumen treatments may also be compared to IV laser therapies, but in contrast, you receive the synergistic power of ozone while also receiving significant “doses” of all 6 of these wavelengths in much less time than it would take to do a comparable laser treatment.

The Benefits of Hemealumen

  • Inactivate pathogens (viral, mold, bacterial, fungal, parasite) and nagalase

  • Stimulate NAD+/NADH redox activity

  • Increase NO (nitric oxide) synthesis

  • Improve circulation, red blood cell function and oxygen delivery to the cells

  • Increase energy via stimulating mitochondrial ATP/energy production

  • Stimulate healthy immune cell function and cytokine balance (NK cells, macrophages, WBCs)

  • Reduce inflammation, support your body’s ability to continuously quench free radicals

  • Combat biofilms

  • Detox petrochemicals

  • Improve mood, mental clarity, and sense of well-being

Hemealumen treatments are beneficial for a wide range of ailments and should be thought of in:

  • ​​Pretreatment prior to stem cell and exosome treatments

  • Pre and post-surgery (including dental) to prevent infection and speed healing

  • Anti-aging, cardiovascular health, energy

  • Acute and chronic infectious diseases (viral, lyme, babesia, parasites, SIBO) *note, for acute viral infections, we recommend you come in right away and do 2 days of back-to-back treatments before symptoms become severe

  • Improve immune function in cancer (as a supportive therapy - does NOT replace responsible conventional medical management)

  • Fatigue, fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivity

  • Neurologic conditions (post traumatic brain injury, neurodegenerative conditions, early cognitive dysfunction)

  • Asthma

  • Autoimmune conditions, degenerative-type

  • Mood disorders​

  • Hormone and endocrine disturbances

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