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Dr. Korianne Haas founded Flourish Anti-Aging Medicine in order to provide and promote the safe and effective treatment modalities that more and more people are seeking out these days.   She takes her Hippocratic oath to "first do no harm" very seriously and only performs therapies that have a robust clinical track record of safety and efficacy.  At Flourish, we focus on removing obstacles to vital health and initiating the body's innate healing mechanisms in order to prevent and treat disease, alleviate pain, improve function and promote joyful harmony of body, mind and spirit.  We want to revolutionize the way our patients think about health and wellness and most importantly live their lives  to their fullest potential.


Medical Director

Dr. Haas has a family history of challenging the outdated medical system by offering safe, leading edge modalities that work.  Dr. Haas's maternal grandfather, Willem Khoe, MD and maternal aunt, Tamarah Fratianni, DO utilize(d) medical acupuncture, biopuncture, homeopathy and other energetic treatments in their practices with outstanding results.  Dr. Khoe even published the "Khoe Journal of International Biologic Medicine" from ~1979-1985 and was featured on the cover of the National Inquirer for curing the common cold with electro-acupuncture when Dr. Haas was just a baby.   Talk about a visionary! 


Called to be a healer from a very young age, Dr Haas was surrounded by a family of MDs and was not aware of her grandfather's unique practice.  With no idea that there were other types of healers out there, it seemed natural that to fulfill her purpose she would become a medical doctor.  This path led her to become an anesthesiologist.  


Throughout allopathic medical school, residency and her three years of practice she became increasingly disillusioned with the medical system.  Time and time again as a studentD and resident, she would interview a patient and expect her superiors to have the answers to his/her common complaints and they did not.


I dedicate my life to pursuing my highest calling, continually acknowledging our shared presence and living a life that is effortless, effective, balanced, harmonious and overflowing with inspiration, creativity, purpose, hope, joy, love, gratitude, surrender and peace.


I dedicate my practice to raising the vibrational frequency of the Earth by empowering and inspiring everyone I touch to reclaim their birthright of health, happiness and freedom, creating a ripple effect that awakens the lives of millions of people around the world.


Nurse Practitioner

Kaitlin Crafton, MSN NP, is a Nurse Practitioner with double master’s degrees in nursing education and neonatal intensive care.  Her aptitude with IVs, injections, ultrasound, aseptic technique and more have been honed over 9 years of clinical experience, primarily in neonatal intensive care units, plus a prolonged direct training period with Dr. Haas.  Kaitlin’s sharp mind, boundless energy, winning smile and enthusiasm for regenerative medicine, women’s health, and biohacking, make her an invaluable member of our team. 

Kaitlin’s influencers include: Dr. Korianne Haas, Jolene Brighten ND, Alisa Vitti, Frank Shallenberger MD, Dave Asprey, Robert Thompson MD, Dan Pompa DC, Jill Carnahan Md, Donna Gates M.Ed, Sonya Jensen ND, Mindy Pelz DC and Leigh Erin Connealy MD. 

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