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Advanced Anti-Aging & Healing Technology


Come experience rejuvenation from the inside out using a circuit of complementary medical

technologies! These therapies reboot your system, improve circulation, accelerate detoxification,increase energy production and much more.


Each one of these carefully curated bio-hacks

provides great benefits when used alone. When used in together the benefits multiply.

JOOVV with VibraFit Mini

10 minutes

Stand (or dance) on a vibrating platform between 2 JOOVV quads to receive a full-body red

light, infrared light and exercise session in only 10 minutes. The JOOVV is the most rigorously researched and proven full-body red light and infrared technology which boasts a wide range of benefits including reducing inflammation and speeding recovery after exercise, enhancing collagen production and skin appearance, stimulating circulation, energy production, fat loss, hormone health and much more.

Pricing Information Here

Avacen 100

30 minutes

This device hacks your physiology to allow heat to be transferred directly into your circulatory system through the palm of your hand using a gentle vacuum. This heat causes capillary beds within your body to expand, relieving a variety of painful conditions from muscle strain to rheumatoid arthritis. Short and long-term use has been found to be helpful in wound healing, relieving headaches including migraines, improving overall circulation, promoting hair growth, and allowing hormones to function properly. This relaxing treatment often leads to improved heart-rate variability and better sleep.

Pricing Information Here


30 minutes

Structured water, or exclusion-zone (EZ) water, is necessary for creating and maintaining vibrant health. It requires energy for our cells to make EZ water, and it may account for many of the benefits of exercise, earthing/grounding, sunlight exposure, etc (see Dr. Gerald Pollack’s work for more info).


A 30-minute treatment with the Nano-Vi infuses the body with EZ-water through a vapor that you breathe. The energy from this water aids in the folding of proteins, which is a rate-limiting step in repair, recovery and regeneration properties. Nano-Vi technology has been shown to improve recovery after athletic exertion, speed repair of damaged DNA and protect against the various forms of oxidative stress that we are exposed to every day.

Pricing Information Here

Weber Laser Spectra Watch

30 minutes

Wear the watch on your wrist AND choose from the 2 x 4” pad for local treatment

(pain/inflammation), ear applicator (tinnitus) or nose applicators (rhinitis, sinusitis).

This device emits well-studied red, blue, yellow and green wavelengths of low-level laser

through 10 diodes positioned over 2 major arteries and 8 acupuncture points in your

wrist. This allows for external blood irradiation and the propagation of these healing

frequencies through acupuncture meridians to activate regeneration, improve blood flow

and oxygen delivery, reduce inflammation, accelerate detoxification, stimulate the

production of vitamin D, melatonin and serotonin, disable pathogens and more.

Pricing Information Here

Ear Ozone Insufflation

4-15 minutes

Our special ear insufflation device allows for high doses of ozone and oxygen to be safely

delivered into the ear canals, where the ozone molecules readily diffuse across the tympanic

membrane into the inner ear where they directly exert effects on the ears, eyes, nose, throat, and brain. It is a great delivery system for acute and chronic head and upper respiratory issues.

Users also frequently report systemic effects including detoxification, increased energy and


Pricing Information Here


Multiply the benefits of your healing technology with our specially curated packages.

Basic Circuit: Save 10%

  • 5: Nano-vi + Avacen + Laser watch 30 mins pre-treatment

  • 5: Ear Ozone

  • 5: Joovv 10 min post-treatment


Advanced Circuit:  Save 15%

  • 5: Nano-vi + Avacen + Laser watch 30 mins pre-treatment

  • 5: Ozone Major Autohemotherapy

  • 5: Joovv 10 min post-treatment


Performance Circuit: Save 20%

  • 10: Nano-vi + Avacen + Laser watch 30 mins pre-treatment

  • 10: MAH

  • 10: Joovv 10 min post-treatment


The Ultimate Reboot: Save 10-20% Call to customize your Ultimate Reboot Package today!

  • Multiple Pass MAH, HOT or Hemealumen +

  • IV NAD+

  • JOOVV +

  • Nano-vi/Avacen/Laser watch +

  • Prolotherapy (Adrenal/liver reset...etc) +

  • Exosomes

Current Pricing List Here

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