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Advanced Healing Modalities

Our Specialties

The future of medicine is here now!  Exosomes, stem cells, medical ozone therapies, 10-pass, prolozone, hemealumen UVBI, IV NAD+, state-of-the-art medical technology and personalized functional medicine are all available here.

  • ​Pain & Swelling

  • Inflammation

  • Immune Disfunction

  • Arthritis

  • Sports Injuries

  • Fatigue & Exhaustion

  • Tension & Stress

  • Neck & Back Pain

  • Sciatica

  • Hormone Imbalance

  • Acute Injury

  • Headaches

  • Autoimmune conditions

  • Chronic infections

  • Acute infections

  • Organ Disease

  • Infertility

  • Addiction & Eating Disorders

  • Insomnia

  • Eyes, Ears, Nose & Throat

  • GI & Bowels

  • Skin Disorders

  • Post Stroke

  • PTSD

  • Tendonitis & Fasciitis

  • Trigger Points

  • Urological & Gynocological

  • Mold toxicity

  • Allergies

  • Signs of aging

  • And much more!

Treatments Offered

Advanced Regenerative Medicine

Oxygen Healing Therapies

MAH (Ozone Major Autohemotherapy) and HOT (High Dose Ozone Autohemotherapy)  are both convenient and effective ways to deliver the benefits of medical ozone and oxygen to the entire body.

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At Flourish, we have a LOT of clinical experience providing safe, customized exosomes therapies for anti-aging, biohacking and a wide range of complaints. There are many kinds of exosomes and we only recommend safe, superior products.

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Powerful & fast natural pain relief.  Restores circulation, reduces inflammation and provides the the body what it needs to heal damaged tissues.

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Face & Scalp Concentrated Growth Factor with PRP

Harnessing healing potential from within in your own body through advanced PRP processing, activation and injections techniques, we can help restore hair growth and rejuvenate facial tissue.

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Hemealumen™ by Advanced Light Devices

Treating your blood with high-energy, ultra-focused, specific-wavelength ultraviolet (UV), red, amber, blue and green light stimulates a wide range of biological benefits including improving immune function, reducing inflammation, lifting brain fog and much more.

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Advanced Anti-Aging Tech

Come experience rejuvenation from the inside out using a circuit of complementary medical


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Get ready to have the “best days of your life.”  Rejuvenate your cells, detoxify your body, reduce inflammation and feel amazing with a series of NAD+ infusions..

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“Excellent care and customer service!  I've been getting high dose ozone therapy before my chemo infusion at another clinic….I am so thankful I found Flourish MD Acupuncture.  Dr. Haas, Hannah and Kaitlin (NP) were great in coordinating to get me in right away...I was impressed on how Kaitlin was very efficient, professional and excellent in providing me the care with 10 passes-more than the 6-8 passes I was getting at the other place.  They exceeded my expectations!  I will definitely be a long time customer. Thank you so much!”

-Tristine R., San Diego, CA

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