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 From Yelp

"Korianne helped me so much with my neck. I was in bad shape, I had taken steroids (prescribed) to try to get the muscle in my neck to release and there was nothing else doctors could do for me. I went to Kori and after one acupuncture session my neck was instantly 60% better. The next day I was 90% recovered. This was a problem that I had for at least 2 months previously... I am SO thankful for your help Korianne!"

 ~ Adam K. Escondido, CA   

"I saw Dr. Haas for several major autohemotherapy sessions. She is knowledgeable and very friendly and easy going. I truly looked forward to my appointments with her. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to do MAH ozone therapy."   

  ~ Brent P. Reno, NV     

"Dr. Haas is one of the nicest people I've ever met, and has an amazing bedside manner. Her knowledge of eastern and western medicine is incredible. She really tries to integrate all aspects of your health history into her approach and response to your symptoms. She fixed chronic issues for me that had resisted years of traditional therapy.  
The only acupuncturist I would go to in southern California. "

~ Andy S. San Diego, CA

Via Email

"You (Dr. Haas) are an I.V. ninja!"

~Sarah P. San Diego, CA

"I am so happy to sleep pain free, just amazing!  I count my blessings every day that the pain is gone." (After 2 prolozone ankle treatments for sinus tarsi syndrome)

~ Teri M. Encinitas, CA

"I had pain in my left shoulder all the time and it was gradually getting worse despite physical therapy.  Then the same thing was starting to happen to my right shoulder.  They told me I should have surgery but I didn't want that, so  they recommended a steroid shot, but my son told me to try Dr. Haas's prolozone shots first.  I'm so glad I did!  The right shoulder pain was gone after two treatments.  The left only hurts at a 1/10 with certain movements and the mobility is much better after three.  Hopefully it will be completely gone and never return after the fourth treatment." 

~Sunny T. Cardiff, CA

"I have been suffering from stress, anxiety, neck, shoulder and lower back pain for years. The acupuncture treatments I have received from Dr. Haas changed my life completely allowing me to be able to go back to my routine of  long walks and runs with no pain. I had almost forgotten what is like to be able to move with no pain. Treating my conditions without pharmaceuticals has been AMAZING!  Thank you very much Dr. Haas"

~Luz B. Oceanside, CA

"WOW! Is all I have to say! thanks again for your kind words and gentle ways and especially your healing touch." (After first prolozone injection for high ankle sprain with sinus tarsi syndrome and prior 4th metatarsal fracture/plate with non-union repair)

~Kimberly F. Carlsbad, CA

"Dr. Haas is a rare combination of heart and mind, scientific understanding and intuitive intelligence that comprehends both the whole person and the details.  At every point in the process of diagnosis and treatment she inspired complete trust and confidence.

I have had traditional acupuncture in conjunction with other forms of treatment.  Based on my experience of her medical acupuncture, this form is about five times as potent and effective.  This is a brilliant synergy of traditional Chinese medicine and modern western science and technology!"

~Michael B. Encinitas, CA     

" I was struggling to emotionally recover from two traumatically failed relationships and she (Dr. Haas) let me know about a specific type of acupuncture treatment for emotional healing of trauma and encouraged me to try it. The experience brought me to tears, which was definitely precisely what I needed. My experience afterwards was truly remarkable. When I was driving the same route that I had previously driven so many times I noticed landmarks and architectural details that I somehow never noticed before...I cannot say enough for how Dr. Haas’s treatment helped me move forward after feeling stuck for so long. I recommend Dr. Haas and this treatment in particular to anyone who is struggling with moving past emotional trauma." 

~A. S. San Diego, CA 

From Facebook

"Had my first major autohemotherapy with Dr. Haas! She's amazing! I highly recommend and can't wait to start more treatments with her! Thank you Dr. Haas!!"  


~ Melissa A. Encinitas, CA

"I started long distance running again last fall and was struggling with pain in my glute and piriformis, with a sore snapping hip that would make me limp. In late November, I saw Dr. Haas for a treatment. She did both auricular treatment and direct needle placement. Since then, I have not had any pain or soreness in my glute/piriformis/hip, from just that single treatment over two months ago. "

~ Jennifer U. Denver, CO   


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