Stem Cells and exosomes: state-of-the-art regenerative medicine!

1) STEM CELL and exosome iv INFUSIONS: SAFE AND EFFECTIVE therapies for whole body anti-aging benefits

2) stem cell and exosome joint and soft tissue injections "on steroids": prolozone and PRP provide additional healing nutrients and scaffolding effects to enhance your investment, providing PAIN RELIEF, TISSUE REGENERATION AND RECOVERY OF FUNCTION

3) stem cell and exosome BRAIN RENEWAL PROTOCOLs: TARGETED Treatments TO MAXIMIZE uptake and distribution into the brain, maximizing THE COGNITIVE AND NEUROLOGIC benefits

XoGloTM by Kimera Labs Stem Cell Exosomes

What are stem cell exosomes? Exosomes, created by nature with astounding intelligence, are tiny “bubbles” filled with precious cargo carefully packaged in lipid spheres.  Exosomes travel intact through the bloodstream and easily cross the blood-brain barrier to reach their target organs and tissues.  Special proteins on the surface of exosomes aid their delivery to and uptake by their specific target cells.  Exosomes secreted by mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) contain a diverse array of “signalling molecules” which stimulate growth, healing and tissue and organ regeneration. These signals include proteins-like growth factors-designed to stimulate specific tissues and organs (such as BDNF for neurons) plus messenger RNA.  Messenger RNA allows the target cells to quickly produce even more of these proteins. XoGloTM is an injectable therapy of highly concentrated MSC exosomes.  

Where do they come from?  Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are well-known to be a particularly advantageous type of stem cell, especially when derived from umbilical cord tissue (Wharton’s jelly).  XoGloTM comes from Wharton’s jelly MSCs extracted from the birth tissues of a single donor.  The donor was carefully selected and the tissues extensively tested to ensure optimal purity and vitality.  Over 10,000 doses of XoGloTM from this exact cell line have been administered, and each batch is independently tested, ensuring standardized safety, efficacy and potency.  In contrast to adult bone marrow or fat derived MSCs, birth tissue MSCs have not been diminished with age or tainted by prolonged exposure to drugs, toxins, disease and inflammation.  

Why not just use stem cells?MSCs were recently renamed “master signalling cells” when it became clear that that injected stem cells themselves did not engraft and grow into new healthy organs and tissues, rather their remarkable benefits came from cell signalling!  In other words, MSCs stimulate the recipient’s own cells, including the native or resident stem cells that are found in every organ and tissue of the adult body, to differentiate and proliferate. The cells that do the healing are already there, they just need the proper signals!  And it appears that the most effective way for MSCs to deliver their signals is via exosomes.

Fun physiology? The highest concentration of MSC stem cells is found adjacent to blood vessels, including the umbilical artery which carries blood directly to the developing fetus.  I used to think that the reason for this was so that they could migrate into the bloodstream and travel to target tissues when needed. Now I realize that this positioning allows them to exert their effects without going anywhere!  Hanging out adjacent to the umbilical artery lets MSCs continuously release exosomes into the bloodstream, providing a mainlined symphony of signals that orchestrate and stimulate the development of the growing fetus!

How can we compare the potency and efficacy of XoGloTM with MSCs?  Potency: based on research which measured how many milligrams of exosomes were secreted by live MSC stem cells over a 24 hour period, one 5mL dose of XoGloTM is estimated to have the regenerative capacity of 160 million live MSCs over 24 hours!  Efficacy: Douglas Spiel, MD, has successfully helped quadriplegic patients with long-standing spinal cord injuries regain bladder and muscle control, strength and more using Kimera exosomes.  To my knowledge, similar treatments have been attempted with stem cells, but the outcomes have been far less promising. Please find Dr. Spiel’s talks on YouTube for more information.

XoGlotm Exosome Pricing:

IV infusions:

Single IV infusion of 5mL XoGloTM = $1920, 10mL = $3175, 15mL = $4400 + Initial consult included

Joint and soft tissue injections:

Add 5mL XoGloTM to any prolozone injection with PRP (base price for 1-2 joints, back or neck $325-450 see services menu for more info) = + $1650

Brain Rejuvenation treatments:

5mL XoGloTM total: 1 mL injected over each cheekbone adjacent to cranial nerves 1 & 5 for more direct delivery to the brain + 3 mL IV infusion = $2045 + Initial consult included

Exosome Discount package pricing*:

ANY 5mL XoGloTM treatment (IV infusion, Brain Rejuvenation or Prolozone add-on): 2-pack 15% off, 3-pack 20% off, 4-pack 22.5% off

10-15mL XoGloTM infusion: 2-pack 5% off, 3-pack 10% off, 4 pack 12% off

*Package details: prepayment must be received in full prior to first XoGloTM treatment, packages may be shared between immediate family members, all package treatments must be completed within 1 year of purchase  

characoretm stem cell therapies:

1) FDA COMPLIANT stem cell products with the highest cell counts and % msc content

CharaCoreTM (Chara Biologics), the flagship products of Chara Biologics boasts a high total cell count (8million/CC) and MSC content (>20%).  Compared to cord-blood only competitors which contain only 1-2 million cells/CC and <1% MSCs.  CharaCoreTM, our primary stem cell offering for intravenous (IV), joint and soft-tissue injections, and brain-targeted therapies, contains a "full spectrum" of stem cells and growth factors obtained from umbilical cord tissue (including Wharton's jelly), amniotic membrane (also high in MSCs and a rich source of bioactive signaling molecules) and cord blood to maximize the clinical efficacy of the products.  Combining concentrated cell extracts from these 3 different birth products provides a milieu similar to what the growing fetus is exposed to in utero: MSCs from different tissues, other important stem cells with various functions and a diverse array of bioactive signaling molecules including growth factors and cytokines.  

Potential advantages of birth product stem cells vs. adipose and bone marrow: 
1) Younger cells are
more metabolically active, secrete more growth factors and cytokines and exert more anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects
They are capable of differentiating into a wider variety of cell types.  Think about it.  Young stem cells found in the umbilical cord are "feeding" into a growing fetus should have the capacity to become/stimulate growth in many different types of tissues, including blood vessels, nerve tissue, muscles, sensory organs and more, whereas stem cells found in specific tissues already have certain genes turned on and off so that they are more likely to differentiate into the tissues needed locally.  Research suggests that adipose stem cells are more likely to become fat cells and are less effective at combatting diabetes.  Bone marrow stem cells likewise play a crucial role in healing broken bones by differentiating into bone and related tissues.
Patients of advanced age  and/or ill health can obtain high quality cells.  Many stem cell doctors report that stem cells obtained from the bone marrow of patients aged 65 and up are less numerous and less effective at regenerating joints.  Birth product stem cells have not been exposed to the effects of years of aging, drugs, toxins, infections, etc. and thus contain longer telomeres, less toxic build-up and less DNA damage!  
They do not require a painful surgical procedure nor produce a wound.  When giving stem cells through the IV, they go to where they are needed most to exert their effects, and many could be "used up" in the wound repair process!
They can be given in precise and repeated doses

Potential advantages of USA MSC stem cells vs. those obtained overseas:

Unlike stem cells offered overseas, these FDA-compliant products are 100% native (or non-expanded) cells.  This means that they have not been "expanded," which means stimulated to divide in order to drastically increase the total number of cells.  Furthermore, they have not been "manipulated" which basically means they have been isolated from the tissues without the use of solvents or enzymes which would dissolve the tissue matrix and make cell extraction easier.  Not many companies know how to do this, so most FDA approved products only use cord blood which contains far fewer cells and <1% MSCs.  Manipulation and expansion are routinely performed in off-shore countries like Panama because these techniques allow their labs to offer impressive numbers of cells, but the impact of solvents, enzymes, expansions and other manipulations on stem cell characteristics and function is unknown.  

2) Updated, clinically proven treatment techniques and protocols

Our state-of-the-art treatment methods/techniques are based on clinical and experimental evidence.  

Example #1, for IV infusions: the recommended dosing for IV infusion of CharaCoreTM used to be 1CC per 50 pounds body weight, but that company's founder, practicing stem cell doctor,  and physician educator Dr. Joy Kong MD,
recently updated her protocol to 1CC per 60 pounds, which means that these cells are even more potent than we initially thought!  This is really significant because many of our patients will be recommended a lower dose (ex 2CC vs 3CC for a 120 pound patient or 3CC vs 4cc for a 180 pound patient) compared to the doses that many other doctors are still recommending, saving you money without sacrificing efficacy!

 Example #2, for joint and soft tissue injections: studies have shown that exposure to platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) and certain nutritional supplements had positive/stimulating effects on stem cell activity, while numbing agents like lidocaine and certain drugs like antibiotics and ACE-inhibitors had negative/inhibitory effects on stem cells.  On another note, using the NanoViTM before and after intravenous (IV) stem cell treatments has increased the benefits that another stem cell doctor's patients have seen by a whopping estimated 30%!  Dr. Haas thus includes PRP routinely in her stem cell joint injections and includes 10 NanoViTM sessions and a "supplement pack" with each stem cell treatment and will counsel you on which drugs are best to avoid or minimize before and after treatments.

3) great value

Our Stem Cell and Exosome prices are very competitive.  Dr. Haas works hard to keep overhead low and as with her ozone therapies, she would prefer to make less profit per treatment and treat more patients, to help more people and gather more data.  Our ultimate goal is to empower and awaken the lives of millions of people around the world!

Characoretm pricing:

IV Infusions (call our office for monthly specials!):

1CC: $2,800
2CC: $4,400
3CC: $6,000

4CC: $7,500
5CC: $8,900
6CC: $10,050
+additional 1CC + $1,400ea
+additional 2CC + $2,550ea

Joint/musculoskeletal add-on to Prolozone with PRP (see prolozone/prp pricing under services menu):

1CC: +$2,750
2CC: +$4,300

General recommendations: 1CC for a mild to moderate condition in one joint, 2CC for a severe condition in one joint; specific recommendations will be made during initial consult)

brain renewal treatments: includes 2CC CharaCoreTM $4650


*All prices in USD.  Due to the highly perishable nature of these stem cell products, treatment must be paid for in full at time of booking.  In cases of cancellation or rescheduling with less than 3 business days notice IF stem cell order/delivery cannot be cancelled in time, patient will be subject to a late cancellation fee of 90% of entire booking fee.  

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