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Korianne Haas, MD


MD Acupuncture

Please note: we do NOT accept insurance, submit claims to insurance nor provide superbills to be submitted for insurance reimbursement.  We DO provide receipts which can be applied towards flex spending accounts and qualified healthcare tax deductions.  Payment is due at time of service.


oxygen healing therapies


major autohemotherapy (mah) and high-dose hyperbaric MAH (HOT)


initial visit with hyperabaric MAh: $200

prerequisite for hot: 30 min visit with vein evaluation, 200ml mah treatment and in-office lab test.

*note: functional medical consult not included.  to maximize the benefits of your ozone treatments: 


add-on 30/50 min consult with dr. haas is recommended.  this will allow her time to review your medical history, current labs and supplements and make personalized recommendations for detoxification, lifestyle, nutritional and/or further functional medical testing, as indicated +$125/225, please specify when booking

*Note: if you have small, fragile or "difficult" veins (i.e. trouble getting blood drawn or receiving ivs), it is possible you may not be able to receive hyperbaric MAH.  if this is the case, despite the best efforts of the doctor to provide you with the treatment, you will still be charged for the visit.  please specify when booking


HIGH-DOSE ozone autohemotherapy (HOt): aka "whole body ozone therapy" 75 min treatment, typically 8-10 passes (up to 2 liters of blood treated) depending on your vein health, hydration status, and "thickness" of blood: $500 per treatment, 5-pack (20% off) = $2000

Major Autohemotherapy (MAH): single pass hyperbaric treatment or 250 ml gravity mah for those with small/fragile veins: $175 per treatment, 10-pack = $1500 

*Note: for those who have completed a series of at least 10 hot or at least 20 mah and are doing MAH maintenance (recommended every 4-6 weeks): 5-pack = $750


intermediate-dose hyperbaric MAH (id-hb-mah):

2-pass (400mL) = $250, 3-pass (600ml) = $300, 4-pass (800ml) = $350, 5-pass (1000ml) = $385.  pre-paid 5-pack for any id-hb-mah = 10% off (ex. id-4pass-hb-mah = $1575) 

hot is ideal for most patients, however some may opt to start out with and/or continue with fewer passes, thus we offer these additional options.  Also, on rare occasion, despite prior vein evaluation and optimized hydration, patients may receive fewer than 6 passes during a hot session.  In these cases we will credit their account accordingly.

add-on oxygen healing therapies

Minor Autohemotherapy: $65 per treatment or + $35 as add-on to hot or MAH (please specify when booking); 5-pack discount = $275

(5ml blood drawn, activated with ozone then injected intra-muscularly, an excellent therapy to balance the immune system.  Recommended for immune system dysfunction as seen in auto-immune disorders, gut/skin inflammation, chronic "stealth" infections, neoplasms, etc.)

Ear insufflation: $65 per treatment OR + $35 as add-on to any other treatment (please specify when booking)

prolozone and biopuncture

first prolozone visit consult fee: $65-125

(15-30 minute initial evaluation, review of medical records and physical exam performed on the same day as your initial prolozone treatment)

Prolozone for single peripheral location (joint, tendon, scar, myofascial trigger points): $225

Prolozone for neck or back: depends on number of injections/volume of prolozone used: Simple (up to 3 injections) $250, Standard (4 injections) $300, Complex (5 or more injections) $350

Add-on additional peripheral location or up to 12 biopuncture injections during the same session: + $75 (for ex. $275 for both knees, $400 and up for simple low back + both hips).

Add PRP: 1-2 sites (i.e. low back + knee) + $100, 3-4 sites + $150

Biopuncture: $150 for up to 12 points, $225 for 12 to 24 points

(small doses of ozone, methyl-b12, procaine and/or homeopathic injectables injected into acupuncture points, trigger points, etc. via superfine needles; dr haas developed her own unique system of biopuncture based on her unique educational and clinical experience, including "family secrets" she learned from her aunt and grandfather!  see yelp review from sandy a. re: "trigger point therapy on steroids")



Functional medicine


trace elements, inc hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) kit: $99

*Note: + $25 processing fee for kits ordered via phone and shipped to you. lost kit replacement fee = $25


new patient visit including comprehensive dietary and nutritional supplement recommendations based on htma results: $375

(90 min visit)

Follow-up Consult (in- person, skype or phone): $225/50 min, $125/30 min, $65/15 min



New Patent Consult with Acupuncture, Aroma Acupoint TherapyTM, and/or auricular acupuncture: 80 min $300


Acupunctureand/or Aroma Acupoint TherapyTM, Return visit: 50 min $200

PTSD/stress Treatment: 50 min $200

(New or Returning patient, no prior consult required.  Acupuncture plus Aroma Acupoint TherapyTM.  Auricular Acupuncture Add-On Recommended)

Auricular Acupuncture: $50; add-on to any treatment (please specify when booking)+$35

(semi-permanent gold-plated asp needles or gold-plated adhesive beads)



In order to offer the best possible pricing we are unable to process credit or debit card payments, payment must be received at time of service via CASH or CHECK ONLY 


Prices subject to change. We are able to keep prices low due to high patient volume from word-of-mouth referrals.  Please share your experience and help others find the help they deserve!