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MD Acupuncture

Medical Acupuncture in Encinitas

Please note: we do NOT accept insurance, submit claims to insurance nor provide superbills to be submitted for insurance reimbursement.  We DO provide receipts which can be applied towards flex spending accounts and qualified healthcare tax deductions.  Payment is due at time of service.


oxygen healing therapies


major autohemotherapy (mah) and high-dose hyperbaric MAH (HOT)


initial visit with MAh: $200

Prerequisite for HOT: 30 min visit with brief treatment goals discussion, questionnaire review, vein evaluation, 200ml (single-pass) hyperbaric MAH treatment, in-office lab test and recommendations for total number and frequency of further HOT or MAH treatments to help you achieve your goals.  Functional medical consult not included.  to maximize the benefits of your ozone treatments: 


add-on consult with dr. haas:30 min+$125/50 min+$225

Recommended for new HOT or MAH patients who are not already under the care of a functional Medical Doctor, Naturopath or similar.  This allows time to go over your medical history, current labs and supplements and receive personalized recommendations for detoxification, lifestyle, nutritional and/or further functional medical testing, as indicated. Please specify when booking.

*Note: if you have small, fragile or "difficult" veins (i.e. trouble getting blood drawn or receiving ivs), it is possible you may not be able to receive hyperbaric MAH.  if this is the case, despite the best efforts of the doctor to provide you with the treatment, you will still be charged for the visit.  please specify when booking


HIGH-DOSE ozone major autohemotherapy (HOt): $500 per treatment, 5-pack (20% off) = $2000. Maintenance visits after completion of a series of at least 10 hot (as indicated, often 1-2 treatments every 6 months) = $400 per treatment

Also known as multi-pass, 10-pass and whole-body ozone therapy. 75 minutes are allotted to complete up to 10 passes of hyperbaric MAH though it usually only takes about 65 minutes.  Dr. Haas has exceptional experience and skills with gently and accurately placing IVs and keeping the blood flowing quickly.  She follows a protocol developed by Dr. Robert Rowan and learned additional tips directly from Dr. Johann Lahodny and others.  She uses the Zotzmann machine, which is specifically engineered for HOT and arguably the gold standard machine for accurate/optimal ozone delivery.  Take note: optimal blood flow requires optimal patient conditions such as being warm and well-hydrated (and avoiding extreme stressors while undergoing your treatments series, for example a liver cleanse that gives you the runs all day, running a marathon, excessive fasting or overdoing it on foods that you know cause inflammation).  Please heed the doctor's instructions to ensure you get the best treatment possible, every time.

Major Autohemotherapy (MAH): $175 per treatment, 10-pack = $1500

One single pass of hyperbaric MAH = 200mL blood removed from your vein into a bottle, treated with 200mL of oxygen containing ozone at 70mcg/mL under pressure and returned into your bloodstream via the same IV catheter.


intermediate-dose hyperbaric MAH (id-hb-mah):

2-pass (400mL) = $250, 3-pass (600ml) = $300, 4-pass (800ml) = $350, 5-pass (1000ml) = $385.  pre-paid 5-pack for any id-hb-mah = 10% off (ex. id-4pass-hb-mah = $1575) 

HOT seems to be ideal for most patients, however some may opt or be recommended to start out with and/or continue with fewer passes, thus we offer these additional options.  Also, on rare occasion, despite prior vein evaluation and the doctor's best efforts, a patient may receive fewer than 6 passes during a HOT session.  In these cases we deduct a visit from their package and credit their account accordingly (maximum of $200 credit given per session).

add-on oxygen healing therapies

Minor Autohemotherapy: $65 per treatment (5-pack discount = $275) or + $35 (5-pack discount = $125) to add-on to hot or MAH (please specify when booking)

(5ml blood drawn, activated with oxygen and ozone then injected intra-muscularly.  An excellent therapy to balance the immune system.  Recommended for immune system dysfunction such as auto-immune disorders, gastrointestinal/skin inflammation, chronic "stealth" infections, neoplasms, etc.

Ear insufflation:$65 per treatment OR + $35 as add-on to any other treatment

A comfortable stethescope-like device is placed in the ears, and oxygen and ozone are insufflated at a low, continuous flow rate.  This gas mixture diffuses across the tympanic membrane (ear drum).  Ear insufflation is a useful tool for treating acute upper respiratory infections as well as conditions involving the ears, sinuses, eyes/optic nerves, the frontal lobes of the brain and other cranial nerves.

prolozone and biopuncture (see treatment modalities -> prolozone for description)

initial (one-time) prolozone consult fee: brief (up to 15 min): $65, complex (up to 30 min): $125

Consultation to address the condition(s) for which you are seeking prolozone as well as related factors, review of radiology reports and physical exam.  Generally scheduled during the same visit as your initial prolozone treatment.

Prolozone for single peripheral location (joint, tendon, scar, myofascial trigger points): $225

Prolozone for neck or back: depends on number of injections/volume of prolozone used: Simple (up to 3 injections) $250, Standard (4 injections) $300, Complex (5 or more injections) $350

Add-on additional peripheral location or up to 12 biopuncture injections during the same session: + $75 (for ex. $275 for both knees, $325 for simple low back + one hip).

Add PRP: 1-2 sites (i.e. low back + knee) + $100, 3-4 sites + $150

Biopuncture: $150 for up to 12 points, $225 for 12 to 24 points

(Small doses of procaine, methyl-b12, sodium bicarbonate +/- oxygen/ozone +/- energetic remedies injected into soft tissues including acupuncture points and trigger points through superfine needles for general wellness, balance and relief of pain and muscular spasm; Dr. Haas's unique "supercharged" version of acupuncture to assist recovery from acute and chronic conditions.  see yelp review from Sandy A. re: "trigger point therapy on steroids")



Functional medicine


trace elements, inc hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) kit: $99

*Note: + $25 processing fee for kits ordered via phone and shipped to you. lost kit replacement fee = $25


new patient visit including comprehensive dietary and nutritional supplement recommendations based on htma results: $375

(90 min visit)

Follow-up Consult (in- person, skype or phone): $225/50 min, $125/30 min, $65/15 min


due to the high demand for her other, more unique services, dr. haas is no longer accepting patients for traditional acupuncture.  for alternatives, please See biopuncture and prolozone above.  ear acupuncture and aroma acupoint therapytm are still available and compliment all other therapies very well.

aroma acupoint therapytm: $100 or $65 add-on to hot or prolozone

10 minute consult + 15 minute treatment in which Dr. Haas applies a sequence of therapeutic, 100% pure, responsibly-sourced, organic and/or wildcrafted Snow Lotus brand essential oils to a series of acupuncture points. Custom designed for your needs, this highly energetic therapy improves mood, relieves stress and promotes general well-being.

Auricular (ear) Acupuncture: $65 stand-alone therapy or +$45 add-on to any treatment (please specify when booking)

15 minute treatment. Includes ~5 minute review of therapeutic goals, "point finder" scan to identify/confirm the most active points (the best points to treat) and application of gold-plated adhesive beads and/or gold-plated semi-permanent needles to activate and direct your body's own healing energies.



In order to offer the best possible pricing we are unable to process credit or debit card payments, payment must be received at time of service via CASH or CHECK ONLY 


Prices subject to change. We are able to keep prices low due to high patient volume from word-of-mouth referrals.  Please share your experience and help others find the help they deserve!