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When properly performed, prolozone is arguably the most effective nonsurgical treatment for painful musculoskeletal disorders such as osteoarthritis of the wrist, elbow, shoulder, neck, back, SI joint, hip, knee and ankle; tendonitis; sciatica; old injuries; chronic dislocations; pinched nerves; pain associated with scars/prior surgeries and muscular trigger points.

Prolozone often provides immediate relief as well as long-term reduction in pain. At least 75% of my patients experience permanent elimination of pain and improvement in function following a recommended series of prolozone visits. Your body is the greatest healer. These treatments correct multiple obstacles-to-healing at the tissue and cellular levels in order to break the vicious cycle of pain and allow your body to heal. Prolozone also provides painful and diseased area(s) with the proper fuels and stimulation to encourage repair and regeneration of cartilage, tendons and other tissues.

Anti-inflammatory prolozone
When an injured area is acutely or chronically inflamed and painful, multiple local factors must be addressed in order for it to become healthy again. These include inflammation, of course, but also impaired blood flow, decreased availability of nutrients and oxygen, acidic pH, unhealthy cell membranes, and dysfunctional cells which are unable to utilize local oxygen, glucose and other fuels in order to produce the cellular energy (ATP) needed to function properly and to heal (mitochondrial dysfunction).

Prolozone was designed to target all of these factors through a unique combination of ingredients that are injected together. These components work together to provide rapid relief of pain and stimulate the body to repair itself over time. The initial treatment consists of an injection of an “anti-inflammatory cocktail” which reduces inflammation, repolarizes cell membranes, replenishes vital nutrients, and neutralizes acidity†. Next, pure medical oxygen mixed with ozone is injected through the same needle. Ozone and oxygen fuel the cells, destroy fungal, bacterial, viral and other pathogens on contact and restore healthy mitochondrial function. Because diseased tissues are softer than healthy tissues, this gas mixture naturally travels via the path of least resistance to the areas that need it most. For example, prolozone given in appropriate superficial areas of the back or neck travels deeply through the vertebral ligaments to arthritic facet joints and bulging discs. This means that compared to other types of injections like steroids, prolotherapy or PRP, you will likely receive fewer and/or less invasive injections and they will be more comfortable to receive.

Proliferative Prolozone and PRP
Once pain is reduced by 50-70%, the “anti-inflammatory cocktail” is replaced with a slightly different “proliferative cocktail” which is specifically geared towards the regeneration and remodeling phases of the healing process.† This is again followed by the oxygen-ozone mixture. In conditions with loss of cartilage, partial rotator cuff, tendon, ligament or meniscus tears, instability, significant degeneration, and/or certain other characteristics, I recommend adding ozone-activated platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) to these proliferative prolozone treatments.

Traditional PRP, which is a more mainstream (and usually more expensive) treatment than prolozone at the time of this writing, consists of drawing blood from your vein into tubes like when you get blood drawn for labwork, spinning the tubes in a centrifuge, carefully extracting the portion of the plasma that contains most of the platelets, called PRP, and injecting it with the prolozone. PRP seems to stimulate healing by releasing growth hormones via an excellent delivery system called "exosomes," which are taken up by nearby ligaments, cartilage and other damaged tissues, stimulating them to repair and regenerate.

In traditional PRP, platelets are activated with calcium. In proliferative prolozone with PRP, not only do you get all the benefits of the “proliferative cocktail” and the ozone-oxygen mixture, but your platelets are also activated with ozone, which has been shown to be superior to calcium in terms of increasing platelet-derived growth factor, transforming growth factor b1, as well as the signaling molecule interleukin-8 which attracts circulating white blood cells into the region to clean up old damaged tissue(1).

Injecting acupuncture points with tiny doses of ozone, homeopathic remedies and/or vitamins such as B12, called biopuncture, can increase the efficacy of prolozone. Up to 3 biopuncture injections may be included as part of your prolozone treatment at no additional charge. In some instances, more extensive biopuncture may be recommended instead of, or in addition to, prolozone. There is a discount for adding-on biopuncture to a prolozone treatment, similar to the discount for treating multiple locations with prolozone during the same visit.

One of the reasons I enjoy my work so much and have an excellent success rate with prolozone is that I integrates what I learned as a clinical anesthesiologist with a special interest in regional anesthesia (performing epidural, spinal and ultrasound-guided nerve blocks and working closely with orthopedic, spinal, obstetric and general surgeons) and as a medical acupuncturist (treating blockages and imbalances in the more subtle energy channels of the body which profoundly influence pain, inflammation, the nervous system, the endocrine system and so much more) into all of my treatments. I think about and treat each individual through the lens of this unique knowledge and experience base to administer the most effective treatments while minimizing risk and discomfort.

I offer a free brief phone consultation to each new or prospective patient. This helps me determine if prolozone, acupuncture, biopuncture or something else is the best treatment for you and your specific condition and I can give you a reasonable estimate of what to expect including how many treatments you will likely benefit from. I know your time and rescources are valuable, so if I think refering you for another treatment with someone else is the best way to help you, I will.

WHAT TO EXPECT and post-prolozone instructions
Prolozone works quickly, and most people will have dramatic immediate and some degree (10-100%) of lasting improvement in their pain symptoms after each prolozone treatment. Everyone is different, however, and some people may notice relief for only one to a few days after their first or second treatment. Others may notice no immediate relief but may find a gradual or sudden drastic improvment up to 2 weeks after an anti-inflammatory treatment or 4 weeks after proliferative. Sometimes the quality or location of pain shifts. We are more than just physical bodies and unhealthy cells and tissues can store stuck emotions, so sometimes release and healing occurs on an emotional level. Pay careful attention to any changes that occur in the days and weeks following each treatment. Try to rest, drink lots of water and support detoxification (sauna, light exercise, fiber, etc). Benefits from treatments are additive as your tissues and cells become healthier, and any change in symptoms is encouraging that further treatments will be effective. A series of 3 to 5 injections spaced 2-4 weeks apart often gives permanent relief of pain and allows you to avoid risky and irreversible surgery‡.

Immediately following anti-inflammatory prolozone, your symptoms will usually wax and wane. They should stabilize to a new baseline after about 48 hours, usually a 20-80% reduction in pain. Over the next 2 weeks, the symptoms will usually either stay at this new baseline or continue to improve. During this time, the body is busy healing itself. In order to facilitate the healing process, it is very important to avoid any activities that would have caused you to have pain of 6/10 (0 being no pain and 10 being the worst pain imaginable) or would have led to any pain lasting 15 minutes or more after stopping the activity prior to your injection. This means that if running caused your knee to hurt at 6/10 briefly or caused it to hurt for 15 minutes after stopping before your treatment, please wait until Dr. Haas clears you to run before doing so after your treatment(s), even if your knee is feeling great. Close to the 2 week mark, you may notice a slight return of symptoms. At this point the results of the treatment have peaked and you should receive the next treatment to achieve optimal results.

When PRP is used, a temporary increase in pain can occur. This usually lasts about 2 days and rarely lasting 1 or up to 2 weeks. This is part of a healthy healing response. Usually this is mild to moderate, but occasionally it can be as severe as your baseline of pain prior to any prolozone. It should never be more painful than that. Avoid all anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen or Alleve, this includes 81mg “baby aspirin” during the first 48 hours. Tylenol and sublingual or topical arnica are OK.

Proliferative prolozone with or without PRP takes 4 weeks to achieve its maximal healing potential. If you want to expedite the healing process, you may space these treatments 2 weeks apart. To give you the most bang for your buck, however, we recommend you schedule these 4 weeks apart.

‡If there is an extensive mechanical component such as back fusion hardware, maintenance injections every 3-4 months may be required for continued pain relief. Sometimes it may take 2 or more treatments to notice significant lasting results. Sometimes more than 5 treatments are likely to be needed to achieve the desired result. Certain conditions typically respond less favorably to prolozone than others. To discover if prolozone is the right treatment for you and what you can reasonably expect your treatment course to look like without having to pay a costly consulting fee, call to schedule your free phone consultation today!

†Korianne Haas M.D. uses the following components in her Prolozone injections:

1) Procaine (Novacaine) - repolarizes depolarized cell membranes, improves cell signaling and "numbs" pain for about 1-2 hours

2) B-vitamins (B-complex, B6, folic acid, methyl-B12) and minerals (biOcean marine plasma) provide co-factors which are needed in areas of pain and inflammation in order to restore local metabolism and allow healing to occur.

3) Dextrose and oxygen (O2) - provide fuel for the newly restored mitochondria to use right away so they can clear inflammation and restore blood flow

4) Bicarb - corrects pH balance which decreases pain and promotes healing

5) Ozone (O3) gas - reacts with cells to create "ozonides" which act to: A) restore efficient mitochondrial function (cellular enery production), B) improve local blood flow and oxygen delivery and C) improve white blood cell/immune system function

6) Steroid (4mg solu-medrol or kenalog, used in “anti-inflammatory cocktail” only) - a single drop of solution to clear local inflammation. Due to the small dose and location of injection(s), this is not significantly absorbed into the bloodstream and thus does not produce systemic side-effects. May be omitted in highly steroid-sensitive individuals.

7) Heel brand homeopathic injectables (Traumeel, Zeel, Spascupreel, Neurorheum) - one or more included when indicated


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