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"I dedicate my life to pursuing my highest calling, continually acknowledging our shared presence and living a life that is effortless, effective, balanced, harmonious and overflowing with inspiration, creativity, purpose, hope, joy, love, gratitude, surrender and peace." 

"I dedicate my practice to raising the vibrational frequency of the Earth by empowering and inspiring everyone I touch to reclaim their birthright of health, happiness and freedom, creating a ripple effect that awakens the lives of millions of people around the world."

Dr. Haas has a family history of challenging the outdated medical system by offering safe, leading edge modalities that work.  Dr. Haas's maternal grandfather, Willem Khoe, MD and maternal aunt, Tamarah Fratianni, DO utilize(d) medical acupuncture, biopuncture, homeopathy and other energetic treatments in their practices with outstanding results.  Dr. Khoe even published the "Khoe Journal of International Biologic Medicine" from ~1979-1985 and was featured on the cover of the National Inquirer for curing the common cold with electro-acupuncture when Dr. Haas was just a baby.   Talk about a visionary! 

Called to be a healer from a very young age, Dr Haas was surrounded by a family of MDs and was not aware of her grandfather's unique practice.  With no idea that there were other types of healers out there, it seemed natural that to fulfill her purpose she would become a medical doctor.  This path led her to become an anesthesiologist.  

Throughout allopathic medical school, residency and her three years of practice she became increasingly disillusioned with the medical system.  Time and time again as a student and resident, she would interview a patient and expect her superiors to have the answers to his/her common complaints and they did not.

Though it felt great to provide an excellent anesthetic and deliver a calm, alert patient free of pain or nausea to the recovery room, she felt she was falling short of the healer role that she had envisioned.  She still couldn't answer patients' questions about their most common and bothersome complaints.  They were simply not addressed in the medical system.  Dr. Haas loved working in obstetrics, providing "miraculous" epidurals for pain relief and perfect spinal anesthetics for cesarean births, and of course taking pictures of the happy families minutes after birth.  She also enjoyed orthopedics, providing nerve blocks and great music in a fun, high-energy environment.  

Her father, Gary Haas MD, a late great pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon, was a role model for compassion and played a large role in inspiring Dr. Haas to become a doctor.   Thus perhaps the most rewarding part of her job was providing compassion to her patients who were sometimes scared, needle-phobic, depressed or, especially in the case of some prisoners she took care of, simply happy to be looked in the eye, offered a handshake and treated like a dignified human being.  There were definitely heart-breaking moments, and terrifying times where she leaned upon Grace and Prayer.  There were years of sleep deprivation, adrenal exhaustion, and sympathetic overload. 

Eventually she had seen enough devastating surgical complications, some leading to permanent disability.  Some of these complications were known to happen but were not addressed in the surgical informed consent process which just didn't seem right.  She wanted to tell some patients to run for the hills rather than proceed with surgery.  She felt there had to be safer and better ways to alleviate pain and suffering that would allow her to fulfill her calling.

In 2013, inspired by her aunt and the grace of the Universe, she did a 180 and immersed herself in an intensive acupuncture training course for physicians led by Dr. Joseph Helms.  This meant learning a whole new language which dropped neatly into her current understanding of healing like "a puzzle, which I thought was complete, expanded outward and the resulting gaps were filled in with new pieces."  It also meant honing her palpatory skills to the next level; running a finger lightly over acupuncture meridian lines and finding tiny clefts indicating acupuncture points, and with 2 or 3 fingers and a little more pressure, feeling active and latent trigger points as well as "goobies" (myelogeloses) over the iliac crest.  Believe it or not, the acupuncture experience made her a much better injection therapist.

Dr. Haas opened Flourish MD Acupuncture in 2014.  This was the beginning of her understanding that true healing lies within, and that role of a true healer lies in removing the obstacles to vital health.  These treatments worked, but soon she discovered medical ozone therapies and the demand for those quickly took over her practice.  Guess what?  That puzzle keeps on expanding and new pieces keep falling into place!  She added prolozone, PRP and MAH in the spring of 2015 and the demand was off the chart.  HOT was introduced to Flourish near the end of 2016, which took results to the next level.  In 2018, additional regenerative therapies including stem cells and exosomes, as well as a growing array of state-of-the-art medical technology gadgets have been introduced and these have continued to grow.  Dr. Haas is currently seeking a NP or PA to learn and practice with her.

Dr. Haas is dedicated to inspiring and empowering everyone she touches to reclaim their birthright of health, happiness and freedom. 


Dr. Joseph Helms, Medical Acupuncture

Dr. Frank Shallenberger, Medical Ozone

Dr. Joseph Wong, Neuro-Anatomical Acupuncture Dr. Joseph Kaufman, Battlefield Acupuncture

Terry Oleson PhD, Auricular Acupuncture

Jason and Linda Hao, Chinese Scalp Acupuncture

Giovanni Maciocia Pulse & Tongue Diagnosis

Dave Asprey, Bulletproof Diet, Bio-Hacks

Velio Bocci, Medical Ozone

Dr. Tamarah Fratianni, Biopuncture, Osteopathy

Peter Holmes, LAc, MH, AATTM

Tiffany Pollard, LAc, MS, AATTM

Korianne Haas, MD

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"Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit.  When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open." 

~B.K.S. Iyengar


MD: University of South Florida College of Medicine

Internship: Combined Surgical and Internal Medicine (Including Orthopedic, Vascular, General and Cardiac Surgery, Intensive Care, Rheumatology and more) : University of South Florida

Residency: Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine : University of California Davis

Medical Acupuncture for Physicians, Chinese Scalp Acupuncture,  Use of the Curious Meridians and Ghost Points for Trauma Spectrum Disorders: Helms Medical Institute, Joseph Helms, MD

Beginning Ozone Therapies, Prolozone 1, Prolozone 2: Frank Shallenberger

Aroma Acupoint level 1, level 2, and the Treatment of Gynecologic Disorders: Snow Lotus Institute with Peter Holmes and Tiffany Pollard

HOT: Ozone Master's Class 2017 and 2018 with Dr. J Lahodny

Functional medicine and hair tissue mineral analysis 1-on-1 training: 2017 Dr. Robert Thompson, MD

Functional and Naturopathic Medicine Training and Shadowing: Dr. Derek Lawrence, ND 2017-2018

Integrative Medicine Training and Shadowing: Dr. Dan Harper, MD 2018

Stem Cell Therapies: Dr. Joy Kong 2018


American Academy of Ozonotherapy (AAOT)

Medical Ozone Master's Group