We are excited to offer a serum test that looks at 12 different antibody markers for Covid-19.  You may call the office to schedule your blood draw, and you will receive you results along with a phone consultation with Dr. Haas about 3 days later (excluding weekends). 
The Vibrant Covid-19 antibody assay is valid for ages 2 and up.

Blood draws are done in our office by appointment only. 

Cost of blood draw and processing:

Cost of test + phone consult with Dr. Haas to review the results (required):

Total cost:

Family discounts: Reduced consult fees when booking as a family

Family of 4 and up: group 30 minute consult: 
$140 (save $140 and up)

Family of 3: group 20 minute consult for $120 (save $90)

If you are unsure if and when you should have this test done, please schedule a Covid-19 per-test phone consult with Dr. Haas or Kaitlin (15 minutes, $70).  If you are ready to schedule your test of have general questions, give us a call.  

Please note that this test is under EUA status per the FDA, but that this and other Covid-19 antibody tests are not intended to diagnose Covid-19 nor determine your level of immunity to Covid-19.

now available: covid-19 serum antibody testing from vibrant america

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