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anti-aging oxygen therapies

ozone major autohemotherapy (MAH)

High-Dose Ozone autohemotherapy (HOT)

What are anti-aging oxygen healing therapies?

MAH and HOT are both convenient and effective ways to deliver the benefits of medical ozone and oxygen to the entire body by treating your blood with ozone and oxygen then returning it through a small IV.  To ensure safety, they MUST be performed by a qualified health professional.

what is the difference between MAh and hot?

High-dose ozone hemotherapy (HOT), also known as multi-pass major autohemotherapy, is a hot-no pun intended-and exciting version of MAH which was invented by Dr. Lahodny, who has been using it in Austria since 2010, during which time he and other doctors have treated thousands of patients and shown if to be very safe and effective.  In HOT, Dr. Haas uses a special machine from Germany to treat a much larger volume of blood, using a higher concentration of ozone compared to standard MAH (4-8 times the blood volume and 8-16 times the amount of ozone, depending on the number of passes).  In Dr. Haas's experience and that of many other HOT practitioners, the anti-aging benefits, such as improved vision and reversal of hair loss, immune-modulating, energy-boosting, mood-enhancing, detoxifying and many other benefits are seen with fewer treatments spaced further apart with HOT compared to MAH.  That said, MAH is a great option for many patients who are not able to receive HOT due to difficult veins, certain genetic and/or disease processes, or financial limitations (see services menu for pricing info).


Based on in-vivo and in-vitro research, Dr. Haas's clinical experience and that of other medical ozone practitioners worldwide, MAH and HOT have a unique and exciting array of benefits.  There are far too many to list here, but people are always impressed to hear that these treatments reverse hair loss-actually activating new hair follicles-and improve "age-related" vision changes including retinal calcification and dry macular degeneration- clear signs of the unique anti-aging benefits that only oxygen can provide.  On top of that, these treatments also reverse the signs and symptoms of heart disease, circulatory disorders, mood disorders, dementia, fatigue, auto-immune and other inflammatory disorders, immune deficiency, chronic infections and more.  HOT, in particular, has been found to activate stem cells, reduce wrinkles, make spider veins disappear and varicose veins shrink, improve hearing loss, reduce headaches and tinnitus, reverse gynecological disorders including polycystic ovarian disorder (PCOS) and endometriosis,  and improve sports performance.

mechanisms of ozone/oxygen healing therapies:

1) Increasing OXYGEN delivery to all the tissues in your body through unique actions that strengthen blood vessels, promote growth of new capillaries and stimulate new red blood cells to carry and release more oxygen to the tissues

2) Modulating the IMMUNE SYSTEM by simultaneously decreasing harmful inflammation as seen in auto-immune disorders and increasing the body's ability to fight acute and chronic infections and even cancer cells  

3) Increase your ANTI-OXIDANT capacity to combat stress.  Your body creates trillions of harmful free radicals every day during normal metabolism and functioning.  These are primarily quenched NOT by anti-oxidant supplements such as vitamin C, but by anti-oxidants made by our own cells.

4) Restores youthful MITOCHONDRIAL function.  Mitochondria are the "engines" or "powerhouses" in our cells which turn fuels such as oxygen and glucose into energy that the body can use.  Mitochondrial function begins to decline after age 35 even in healthy individuals.  Moderate to severe mitochondrial dysfunction is very common in our society.  Symptoms range from being unable to burn fats for fuel and thus depending on carbohydrates and being virtually unable to lose weight (early mitochondrial dysfunction) to feeling sore and exhausted for days after a brief trip to the grocery store (late mitochondrial dysfunction).  Other signs and symptoms of mitochondrial dysfunction include decreased exercise tolerance; prolonged recovery time after exertion; severe or persistent muscular soreness (due to build-up of lactic acid); “fibromyalgia;” chronic fatigue; shortness of breath in the absence of lung disease; slow or inadequate ability to heal from a disease, injury or infection; and anything that your doctor tries to explain away as “normal aging.”  A measurable improvement in mitochondrial function** is likely the main reason that almost everyone that I have treated with MAH has reported significant improvements in their quality of life.  High quality exercise and intermittent fasting improve mitochondrial function too!  Stress reduction, a healthful diet and monthly maintenance treatments with MAH help sustain the improvements in energy production that you gain with MAH.

 Learn about other things that your mitochondria do: http://www.livescience.com/47979-mighty-mitochondria-nigms.html

what does it feel like to receive a high-dose ozone autohemotherapy (Hot) treatment? 

First, Dr. Haas gives you a tiny lidocaine injection to numb the IV spot.  She then places an IV in your vein, injects some blood thinner and hooks you up to a bottle that is connected to a special machine called the Zotzmann Ozon 2000.  

Slightly less than half a pint (220mL) of your blood flows into the bottle under vacuum negative pressure.  She then pumps 220mL a mixture of ozone and medical oxygen into the bottle, and thorougly mixes the blood and oxygen together under 1 atmosphere of hyperbaric pressure for 30 seconds before allowing the treated blood to re-infuse under positive pressure.  This cycle repeats every 5-10 minutes (depending primarily on the size and elasticity of your veins, your hydration status, and the "thickness" of you blood) for a total of 6-10 passes in your 1 hour session. 

During the 5th or 6th pass, you should feel a difference, as if "cobwebs" have been cleared, enhancing your mental alertness, visual clarity, fostering a general sense of well-being and increased energy.  Some say it feels like your brain "wakes up." After your treatments you might notice an unusual cloudiness to your urine and/or a change in your bowel habits, signs of ongoing detoxification. 

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