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Benefits of acupuncture

  • Safely practiced for over 2200 years

  • Targets the root cause of disease not just the symptoms

  • Beneficial for nearly any ailment

  • Often effective when conventional treatments have failed

  • No drug-like side effects

  • Promotes health and wellness

  • Prevents and combats disease using the body's inherent vital, healing and protective energy

  • Promotes relaxation and well-being

the acupuncture energetics difference

Acupuncture energetics, a form of medical acupuncture, is currently being practiced with great success by thousands of physician acupuncturists in the United States alone and countless others in countries such as France and China, where it has become a primary component of medical care.

Like traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), medical acupuncture focuses on removing the root cause of disease to dislodge obstacles to vital health, thus "digging up the root of disease, rather than hacking at the leaves."  "Hacking at the leaves" is what conventional western doctors are trained to do by relying on harmful medications and risky surgery to mask symptoms which signal that an organism (a physical, mental and emotional being) is out of balance.  Acupuncture energetics' highly refined approach to acupuncture also includes very specific inputs to stimulate the body to heal from within.

MDs and DOs trained by Dr. Joseph Helms start by learning and embracing the fundamentals of TCM diagnosis and acupuncture treatment and theory.  This means learning a completely new language with important concepts such as Yin, Yang, Qi, Jing, Xi (prononced "she"), Luo, Yuan, Shu, Mu, Chong, Dai and dozens of others that modern medicine has forgotten.  As Dr. Haas went through this intensive process, she felt her understanding of health and wellness expand exponentially as these new "puzzle pieces" found their way into the matrix of what she already knew about anatomy, physiology, health and disease. 

Throughout this process, students of the Helms Medical Institute learn a hierarchy of refined acupuncture techniques which maximize the use of modern technology including low and high-intensity electrical stimulation, ion pumping cords and ear conductance probes.  They also learn techniques that are being used very successfully in our military to address pain, shock and trauma by physicians like Dr. Robert Kauffman.  Other differences between acupuncture energetics and TCM include duration of treatments (longer is not necessarily better), point combination parameters and other details that gear treatments towards modern patients and modern disease patterns. 

Medical acupuncturists stress that today's patients have different needs than our Chinese ancestors did 2000 years ago, thus treatments that worked well for someone back then may actually have a detrimental effect on someone today.  In general, our population seems to be less robust overall.  This includes our middle aged and younger sets along with the elderly.  Our population is subjected to far more stressors and toxins which lead to toxic overload, chronic infections, difficulty digesting and assimilating nutrients, hormone imbalances, autoimmune disorders, dementia, cancer and much more. 

Dr. Haas combines acupuncture energetics techniques with the knowledge and experience she gained as a clinical anesthesiologist, prolozone therapist and aroma acupuointTM practitioner to customize every treatment.  She sees only one acupuncture patient at a time, thus she is able to routinely perform two or more distinct and complementary treatments at each visit.  This means she can succeed when other treatments have failed, and that you will need fewer and less frequent visits with her to see resolution of both acute and chronic problems.  Read more about Dr. Haas.

"Life is not merely to be alive, but to be well."  ~Marcus Valerius Martial

Learn more about the medical acupuncture difference

Understand yourself and your loved ones better and learn steps you can take to improve your health and well-being with Dr. Joseph Helms’s book Getting to Know You, A Physician Explains How Acupuncture Helps You be the Best You

Read more about medical acupuncture or find an acupuncture energetics practitioner near you.  We recommend that you choose a member of the AAMA who completed the Helms Medical Institute's Medical Acupuncture for Physicians Course. American Academy of Medical Acupuncture